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Meet the Thompson Band
The Thompson’s are Canadian country recording artists from Southern Ontario. Founded in 2012, this family group consists of Danny Thompson, son Jordan, and daughter Danni (Danielle). The Thompson’s bring a unique history to the composing table with roots in country, rock, and pop, giving their music a fresh, new feel. This family band has astounding chemistry both on stage and in the studio, creating music that appeals to country and non-country music lovers alike. With their shared passion for country music, they produce dynamic and engaging music, captivating both live and radio audiences. The Thompson’s are looking forward to the release of their next single “Country Girl, which will be featured on their upcoming album “Get Your Summer On.”
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Danny Thompson Bio

Danny Thompson – Newest Single- Southern Shine  

Danny Thompson, a native Ontarian who grew up near Port Dover, is typical of the new breed of country singers who are rooted in traditional country but tuned into a contemporary sound. That sound uniquely belongs to Danny. In addition to performing the original music Thompson writes 99% of the songs he records.  

Thompson’s first break was in the mid-80s when his first record deal was signed with Bel-Air Records (President Bob Cousins).  The first single released was called Small Town Blues. This release achieved more then what Thompson or his manager (Bill Oja, CMN Columnist) expected with a large number of Canadian, Europe, and Australian radio stations playing the single. The BBC in Europe picked up the single and it remained on the play list for over 26 weeks.  

Danny went on to signing his second record deal with Shotgun Records (President Len Wild) and released his first Album titled Rock-in myself to sleep. From outdoor concerts to jam packed cowboy bars, Danny effortlessly bridges the gap between classic 80s rock and today’s county music. His outlaw music writing styles have not changed in the last 20 years with songs like Small town blues written at the age of 15 to “Southern Shine” one of his newest penned Releases that was playlisted on Sirius XM for over 20 weeks. His music roots date back to performing traditional country music to today’s alternative crossover country styles resulting in his very unique musical writing style. Thompson is currently working on new a recording session in Nashville Tennessee for the next Thompson family album entitled: Get your summer on.   The entire album is penned by Danny and his daughter Danielle.

Jordan Thompson Bio

JORDAN THOMPSON is a Canadian musician from Brantford Ontario. He first fell in love with country music at just 5 years old, singing and strumming along to songs on the guitar with his Dad. He began playing the electric bass at 14, learning to play by ear, and soon graduated to the double-bass.  At the age of 15, he began gigging in bars with the country and classic rock group Nowhere Road.   Jordan says performing with his dad’s band is great, but it can be tough at times. “Its fun, but also the person who is going to be most critical about you is your father,” he says. Jordan says his dad taught him to be exactly the type of bass player he wanted to have in the band and admits that’s what makes him a better musician.

 The 23-year-old hopes to follow his music passion on a full-time basis one day.  Jordan Thompson is a true entertainer at heart, providing audiences with a performance that is certain to keep them on their toes
Danni Thompson Bio
Danielle (Danni) Thompson has been singing since the age of three and playing the piano since she was in the 5th grade. The 22-year-old, who began playing with the Danny Thompson Band when she was just 16, describes the experience as “amazing.” “I am very lucky to have my Dad as a mentor; someone who is so well versed in every aspect of the music industry.” Danni has recently started song writing, both on her own and collaboration with her Dad. She loves being on stage and touring with the family-oriented band. Along with her musical career, Danni has completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Psychology, at Wilfrid Laurier University, and will be returning in September for the completion of a master’s degree.

Sharon Thompson Bio

 Sharon is a Canadian musician that hails from Waterford Ontario. Sharon’s music style combines elements of both modern and classic country music and rock and roll. Sharon made her debut with the Danny Thompson band in 2017 with her Acoustic Guitar, Concert and Tenor ukulele’s and is now filling the need for a unique instrument that has been sought after by many bands.

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